First, because treating others with honesty and transparency matters.
With so many back-door deals, and pre-arranged negotiations occurring in real estate these days, honesty and transparency are of paramount importance. Just to put things in perspective, we note that some properties are often sold for $5k, $10k, or even $50,000+ under market value. That's how important honesty and transparency are to you, the seller, and they should be just and important to your agent. A transparent system also benefits you, the buyer, when making an offer you want to know that your offer gets presented to the seller and not swept under the rug in favor of something more lucrative for the agent. BOLDmls solves this problem elegantly. Every offer uploaded to the site goes directly to the agent and simultaneously to the sellers. There are no back-door deals in BOLDmls, all offers are presented immediately, it is the most honest and transparent transaction system.
Second, because serving others is great, but serving others with tireless, relentless, and effective hard work is incomparable.
What happens when the offers start coming in? Often, a tired sluggish agent will advise the seller to accept one of these, maybe the first one. On the other hand, a tireless, relentlessly-hard-working agent will advise the seller to write counter-offers on each and every offer to try to improve their position. This could mean $5k, $10k, or $50,0000+ more in your pocket. Similarly, what happens in the middle of a transaction when an appraisal comes in $20,000 short or a buyer request $10,000 for new paint? a tired sluggish agent will advice the seller to sign off on this and take the loss. On the other hand, a tireless agent will negotiate fearlessly advocating for the seller. The truth is that getting the property in contract can be a lot of work, which often includes combing through hundreds of emails to find and read dozens of contracts, then write dozens of counter offers, get signatures and email back to the other agents. It's a lot of work and we are often afraid to negotiate a better position for our client in fear of having to start all over again. BOLDmls solves this problem gracefully. With BOLDmls, all offers are organized, and with just a couple clicks, you can write, sign, and email 30 counter-offers in less than 20 seconds, each with a different buyer’s name, different contract date, etc. It is simply the most efficient transaction system ever made. BOLDmls's efficiency is unparalleled, with BOLDmls your agent will effortlessly become a tireless and effective advocate for you.
One idealistic broker.
BOLDmls was conceived by a very busy and very ethical broker. Like many of us, Javier was a busy father, husband, math professor by night and thriving real estate broker by day. Of utmost importance to him was the ethical treatment of his clients. This state of affairs compelled him to become a broker; he simply could not abide the status quo. On the other hand, with so much to do, inefficiency of any type was simply not an option. Thus, came BOLDmls. Driven by the need to bring positive change to the way real estate transactions are conducted, BOLDmls was created, conceived and programmed by one quixotic person.
If it helps you sell or buy your home the cost of using boldmls is $99. Payment will be handled directly by escrow. If your transaction does not close for any reason, then nothing boldmls is free.
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