Thank you for visiting us. Here's a bit about the reason for BOLDmls.com

BOLDmls was conceived by a very busy and very ethical broker. Like many of us, Javier was a busy father, husband, math professor by night and thriving real estate broker by day.

The honest and ethical treatment of his clients was of utmost important. The amount of back-door deals, pre-arranged transactions, shady players, and just plain imperfections in human nature is precisely what led him to become a broker. He decided he would have none of this.

On the other hand, with so much to do, inefficiency in any shape was simply not an option. The contemporary working tools were never conceived with efficiency or honesty in mind. Thus, came BOLDmls.

With BOLDmls, there will be NO back-door deals or even temptation of such, as the seller receives all offers immediately as buyers upload them onto to the website. At the end of the day, this means a more fair and transparent transaction and often times this comes with many thousands of dollars more in your pocket.

With BOLDmls, and just a couple clicks, you could write, sign, and email 30 counter offers in less than 20 seconds, each with a different buyers name, different contract date, etc. It is simply the most efficient transaction system ever made. As such, you or your agent will never be afraid to negotiate your best position, because if the deals fall apart you can effortlessly relist and recounter new buyers. At the end of the day, this can and often means thousands of dollars more in your pocket.

BOLDmls wishes you a more transparent and efficient real estate transaction.


Using BOLDmls could help you experience a more transparent and efficient transaction. That is extremely valuable but not easily measured by any dollar amount. We do not ever want to charge anyone who does not benefit endlessly from BOLD. Thus use of BOLDmls is free for as long as you need it and as long as it helps you and your agent. If and when you get into contract, simply indicate it on bold and an invoice in the amount of $99 will be automatically generated by BOLDmls and automatically forwarded to the escrow company of your choice. Such invoice is payable when and ONLY if you close the transaction, usually you will not even worry about it as most escrow and title companies will pay it along with all other third party fees. We feel confident you will have benefited many many times over and we will leave it on your honor that such invoice gets paid.


We'd love to hear from you, please email us at support@BOLDmls.com.

sincerely, the BOLDteam